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The Art of Abundance
3-Month Journal & Workbook

This is the Art of Abundance online program converted into a self-guided 3-month workbook. Use it as a companion to the online program or on it's own.

You'll find all of the material included in the online Art of Abundance program in this workbook along with space to journal and complete the activities.


This workbook follows the lunar cycle for deep transformation and personal growth. This is for anyone who wants more abundance in their lives. Abundance of health, wealth, love and joy!

(USA & Canada only)


This workbook is meant to help you clear blocks and heal your relationship with prosperity in all of its forms. Make room for more positivity and joy in your life. Learn to care for yourself on all levels.

Every week we’ll focus on a new theme that builds on the last one to help you bring your intentions and desires from the abstract to the tangible, from the mental to the physical.

I’ll introduce you to my favorite practices for true transformation and manifestation, practices I’ve personally been doing for years but have rarely shared with others. These include yoga, breathwork, journaling, shadow work, affirmations and weekly challenges.

We’ll be aligning our weekly practices with the lunar cycles as a way to attune ourselves to the natural rhythms of nature and get back in sync with the flow of our lives.

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